Beyond Pain is a documentary which describes pain in some of its forms.
Xenia is 32 year old and she is one of the Berlin Staatsballett dancers. She is extremely dedicated to her job and, as most of professional dancers, she puts herself through a lot of pain in order to achieve something beautiful and refined out of her art. The pressure in the Ballet world is very high and she constantly pushes herself to improve. She interprets physical and mental pain as the only way to explore her limits as a professional.
Jan is a 40 year old psychoanalyst and photographer. He had a very difficult childhood characterised by cold, abusive parents and by discrimination and isolation from his peers for being homosexual. He lived his life split in two: one exterior his, who tried to go on without giving anybody call for complaints; and one internal his, who felt constantly lonely and guilty. Since many years now he practices S&M sex, finding in the physical pain of the practice an answer to his childhood dreams of being loved.
John is 65. Twenty years ago, due to his HIV infection, he got meningitis, went into a coma and lived a Near Death Experience. This was a turning point in his life – he started a spiritual path which brought him today to be a man of great inner peace and balance. HIV is not detectable anymore. For him pain is an unavoidable experience which  belongs to life as much as birth and death. But he believes that pain always shows us the right way to explore and grow into the better version of ourselves.
Here the trailer: